how casey unwinds

reliving archie days by building a small scale model of Urban and it's environs from memory. entered it into the display artist art show for Urban. i realized i sort of missed intricate, time-consuming model building. 
there's a relaxation associated with it that is hard to get with other activities. 


sad city hartford

neighbor to the north - Hartford. recently, i stumbled across this site about the once thriving capitol of connecticut. 
good and bad facets of the area are discussed. the one time downtown was not enough, i will be back to investigate and form my own expert opinion
i'm slowly getting used to the sheer amount of abandoned industrial spaces littering this corner of the US. 
attesting its rich, manufacturing past.


new ventures

recently at work i was approached by a recent Yale grad about helping him design/plan/execute the interior of his shop across the street. 
his products - furniture made from triple-thick cardboard. chairigami.com 
one less empty storefront for the city! updates will follow as the opening date draws nearer.


new haven typologies_2

new haven 4th most dangerous city in the US. i have yet to feel this negative statistic's presence in town. i make where i live (to a certain extent... a line has to be drawn. would you live in Flint, MI?) 

situações ridículas_5

oops, ok. i'm back.